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Generating life paths , one child at a time


Is a workshop dedicated to  everything there needs to know about the music industry. from finding one’s voice ,Recording learning protools , digital recording and reading contracts .


Students will be taught about the basics of visual arts  . The class will focus on patterns drawing symbols and shapes. They will also learn about other artists and what they depict to be Art .


Workshops that are focused on 

the mind body and soul .

These workshops will be geared to creating a therapeutic outlet and space where participants can be themselves . Along with having sessions with experienced mentors and artists . 


M.A.A.T.H ™ workshop is a comprehensive exploration of the artistic process of creating art  from an initial creative thought,  to the final end product . As well as an in depth examination of how Arts and Academics subjects go hand in hand. The  M.A.A.T.H workshops are designed to encourage young people to find their inner voices through various forms of musical expression and the arts.  We are here to educate aspiring artists about the intricacies and complexities of the Music , Film & Television and Web industries. Along side our training, our mentorship programs in career development and financial literacy will give our student the basic job and personal skills needed to enter todays job market, while providing an inspirational, motivational, and therapeutic outlet for all participants.



Music Appreciation

  • Digital Recording 

  • Songwriting 

  • Finding one's voice 

  • Reading contracts 

  • Managerial duties/ Manager/ Road manager


  • Camera study

  • Recording 

  • Editing 

  • Music Videos



  • Camera study

  • Color / Black and White 

  • Lens 

  • Lighting

Music Production

  • Avid

  • Pro Tools

  • Logic

  • Sample Clearance

  • Engineering Recording/Soundboard Engineering 

Web Design


  • Development 

  • Creation

  • Coding

Leading Ladies /Men


  • Mentorship

  • Stuartship

  • Community Service

Dress For Success

  • Job Readiness

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Resumes

Finacial Literacy

  • Opening Bank account

  • Credit cards/ Credit reports

  • Mortgages and Loans 

  • Taxes / Property tax

  • Home ownership

Schools & Developments


Queens United  Queens, 2 years funded by DYCD


PS 66    Canarsie Brooklyn, 2 years  funded by DOE


PK 140  

Brooklyn, 2 years funded by DOE

Prospect Place  Brooklyn, 3 years funded by DOE


Fundamental Academy Brooklyn, 2 years funded by DOE


John Jay High school ALC school

Brooklyn, 2 years funded by DOE

Arts and Philosophy Brooklyn, 2 years

funded by SASF


Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

Staten Island, 1 year funded by DOE 


 PS 258

Brooklyn, 1 year

funded by DOE

Whycoff Houses - NYCHA, 3 years  PHC/NYCHA



(china town) Manhattan, 1 year  NYCHA


Linden Houses Brooklyn,  2 years NYCHA



Born Roderick Roachford by way of 'Trinidad.. Barbados.. Chip Fu came to the realization that music was his destiny during the late 70's and early 80's while stomping Brooklyn's streets. To sharpen his wits, Chip began aligning himself with other like-minded individuals and professionals who shared his passion for music as an art form. This paved the way for his alliance with East Flatbush lyricists Joe and Lennox in the early 199D's, and together they formed the Hip-Hop trio "Fu-Schnickens". Throughout the group experience Chip continued to hone his skills as an artist and performer by learning the in's and outs of the music business. The group's pinnacle came with the release of 'What's Lip Doc? (Can We Rock? in 1993 which featured basketball star Shaquille O'Neal and was named a Tap 40 hit for the summer. However.. after the release of their second album "Nervous Breakdown", Fu-Schnickens made the amicable decision to part ways in 1996 to pursue individual creative endeavors.

As of now Chip’s work continues as an artist (with brand new music on the way), mentor and community champion. He stayed busy by building a workshop series that he has taught called MAATH, an acronym for Music Appreciation, Art Time and Healing. The workshops took off and he has been teaching students the intricacies of the music business along with recording techniques and how to become better artists and individuals. Chip states, "with all the knowledge of the industry I have it's best to share it and teach the next generation about it to help preserve the culture". Several schools and housing communities have activated the workshops and are happy with the results. The communities have seen a change in the kids and their approach towards the arts and how they have come together in their neighborhoods. Above all he hopes that people take away the following from his life and his work. “I want to be remembered for my contributions to humanity through various mediums. Not just one-dimensional. Sure, many of us are duplicated and imitated in our own form of expression, but it's only when we understand our personal purpose and reason for walking the planet that we in turn become untouchable. Fluid. Creative. That’s me. ”

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